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Welcome to my web site!

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As always, please do not use these files in any commercial way (charging for them) including ringtones you charge for. If you want to use one of them on your website, please email me for permission. I have never turned down anyone, but please ask first.

If you wondered, all of my files were recorded live, with a few mistakes edited out, tracks added, etc. :-) The only tracks I did not do are drum tracks.

BTW, I am currently playing on Friday night at 6:00 and Saturday night at 5:30 at Sorrento's Restaurant  Lounge, on Reading Road in Reading, Ohio (a suburb of Cincinnati). I If you are in town, I'd love to see you! And, please ask to sit in if you would like.

If you are looking for a good pianist for your restaurant, bar, etc., or for a wedding reception, party, senior citizen get-together, etc. Please contact me!

And now, click here for the music!


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I also used to play 50's, 60's and 70's rock music with my band.

My old partner, Red Ash (on the left with the guitar)

passed away last year.

He was a great entertainer and a great guy.

He will be missed.




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